Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Magnolia- Blowing bubbles

Hi, I have a new card I have just finished to share with you today.
I am getting in to my magnolia stamps now. Its funny as when first seen the magnolia stamps, I was none to keen on them. It was the fact their was little expression, as the mouth was an absent feature in these stamps. But now I like to work with them. What I like about the range, are the other stamps that you can use with them to create your own little scene. eg toad stools windows, paths, walls etc (note to self must invest in some of those stamps)
Anyway lets get on with the bit you have come to see. Showing you the card.
My good friend Caz, lent me one of her magnolia stamps so I could have a little play.
Decided I was going to use papers from my scraps box as its overflowing.
No toad stools this time, altho I was tempted to add some I can tell you.
But thought you must be sick of seeing them..lol. I like the way the silver glitter on her dress turned out.I used my Quickie glue pen, and just drew where I wanted the glitter to stick. For the finer areas of glitter I just dotted the pen to get the fading effect when the glitter was added. For her wings, I stamped that part of the stamp on some pergamano parchment craft paper, cut them out leaving a tag so I could glue them down to give the 3d effect. also added glitter and some
 distress ink to give them a slight blush of colour.
 I also coloured and glittered the wings on the original stamped image to give more depth.
Added more bubbles instead of toadstools. Made card up and thought I had finished it.Was sat looking at it and thought  this corner was bare.
It was missing something. So stamped some more bubbles on scrap of water colour paper
cut them out, Glued in place and then added glossy assents, while it was still wet sprinkled some decoart glamour dust on to give bubbles some sparkle.

Right I best go now and tidy my craft room. Think I must have had every scrap of paper out from the scraps box to make this card trying to see what worked and what didn't. I coloured the image first then thought hmmmm what papers can I put with this now eek.
But that's how I usually work ... in disorganisation..lol
When I am making a card you cant see my desk for everything I get out.
 As for the floor its a good job I have a laminate floor, easier to clean. its looking very pretty at the moment with fall out of all the glitters I have been using.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave comment or ask questions about the cards i make. All comments are truly appreciated.

bYe ByE
for now

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  1. Hello!! This is so gorgeous!! I love all of the bubbles - so,so pretty. The way you embellish your cards is just perfect - and your floor by the sounds of it!! Lol! He to see you soon. Kx


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