Monday, 18 June 2012

Spring swing- Lili of the valley (Photo wallet / gift wallet)

Hello again, Sorry I didn't get this post up at the weekend as I had intended. But its better late than never.
So now for something a little different to my usual posts.
This is something to for you to make your self's
this is what we are making.

Its a either a little photo  wallet or its just the right size to add the gift cards (credit card size)
So lets get started.

You will need a sheet of 12x12 paper cut down to 10½ inches by 10½ . I chose one that had a design on both sides as when its all folded you will see both sides of the paper.
Then I folded this down the middle
(image above)
After you have folded this down the middle then open it out and take each side and fold again towards the centre fold
 leave 1 to 2 mm off the centre line. for both side flap folds.
(See picture below)
Now open your paper out and it should look like this.

Right next we need to add some more folds
So all I have done here is taken each corner and folded it over till it meets the line we folded before.
If your paper looks like this we are doing well.
next bit
All I have done now is left corners we have just folded, and folded the two side in to the centre fold.
Now what you need to do is flip it over
as we are going to make some folds on this side now.
So now we want to fold the top section down
(see picture below)
How far down do you fold it I hear you shout.
Just till you see the start of the straight middle fold we have.
(See below image)
Now for the more difficult bit.
So  your top section is folded like above image right.
Now you want to bring up the bottom section up
and tuck the top section in to the bottom section
It will slide in  make sure you push it all the way in till it wont go any further.
don't crease it till its fully tucked in.
Once that its pushed in fully you can press it down flat to create your crease
So this is what you should end up with.... if it don't look like this oppps
you have gone wrong somewhere.
So now you have your little photo gift wallet. It has room for a few photos and sentiments cards
Right now its ready to add your touches
So I added cards to fit in each side of the pockets
You could add sentiments to these cards or use them as photo mats.
For the front I added a stamp from Lili of the valley- Spring Swing  added some seam binding ribbon to make a closure for the little wallet
I coloured the stamped image with my usual
Copic markers and Polychromos Artists Pencils
Rabbit: W0, W1, W3,W5 Pencils used warm grey III 272
Warm Grey IV 272, Cold grey III 232
inside his ear and nose R000
bunny tail C0
ribbon on swing : B000, B00
Oak leaves: G99,G94,G85.
Swing seat and branch: pencils Bistre 179, walnut brown 177

So that's it for today's post ... phewww that was a long one with picture overload.
hope you liked today's post.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave comment or ask questions about the cards I make. All comments are truly appreciated.
bYe ByE
for now


  1. This is a lovely project & great pictorial too x

    hugs sally x

  2. How fabulous is this , what a gorgeous creations and a fabulous tutorial thank you .
    You should have more comments on your beautiful creations they are stunning, perhaps you may find more people will comment if you remove the word verification tag on your comment box. Hugs Elaine


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