Sunday, 1 March 2015

Elsa frozen birthday cake

Long time since I put a post on here. You know how it is you get busy, you move on to different things or you just run out of juice. I would like to say thank you to all that have visited my blog. I hope you have enjoyed looking at past posts and manage to gain some inspiration or maybe I have inspired you to make a card or try another craft. 
So let's update this blog with a new post.  This blog started off with paper crafted cards and a few other ideas. I like to try new crafts and try new skills.  You have also seen a few birthday cakes I've made for my beautiful granddaughter. So today I want to share with you her latest cake. 
Can't beleive she's 3 already. So what did many little girls want for Christmas 2014. Ellie wanted an Elsa doll, just like many little girls which was a problem because grandma spent 3 weeks looking for the one we wanted. So when her birthday came up what did she want an Elsa cake. So this is what I made her.

I bought a Barbie doll to use as main part of the cake. I chose this one because the way her arms were positioned as I wanted it appear like the scene I. The film when she singing that song that many of us are sick on hearing. Barbies have changed since I was a little girl they had bendy legs and arms some were jointed. Now many of them seam like there extremities are fixed and only the expensive dolls
are jointed at knees and elbows. So choose a doll within your price range but one that also has arms  that fit in with what you want them to do.

The cake like any takes a little planing of what you need to buy and what needs to be done first to allow to dry. I made the bodice to her dress with fondant. Rolled  it out and moulded it to the doll form and cut the neck line to shape I wanted. I made the snowflakes using my paper punch but
because I had to roll fondant so thin they were very delicate so I made lots of the snowflakes.
MY granddaughter calls snowflakes snow bubbles... Cute..
All the back of the dress is cake  
Sorry about quaulity of the photos. Everything has changed since I last posted on here and I've had a lot of problems just posting this. 

If you would like to make a cake like this you can find lots of similar cakes  or tutorials  on pintrest
Thanks for stopping b.
Klare x

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